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The Two Popes

I've watched "The Two Popes". I thought this movie maybe a comedy before I watched. In other words it could be an entertainment snack. But it was wrong. Very interesting, serious but heartwarming movie.

This movie is about the weakness and sin of human beings. Of course the pope is also human and can make wrong choices or mistakes. That is the evidence he is human and not God.

This movie tells me that the pope is such a human being and no perfect. He is sometimes powerless and has problems that he can't hear God's voice or see what is correct. All that he can do is that just hearing God's voice or believing what he thought it's correct and do. Needless to say it could be wrong.

I thought that I am a human being and no perfect person. I have a lot of weakness but I was empowered that I saw the fact that person can make change and correct mistakes. Also the mistakes can be forgiven by God or the pope.

By the way do women like this movie? This movie is a little bit MALE movie I think.


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